The Unhealthy Way of Healthy Eating

Orthorexia, which has recently started to take place in the literature, is a state of obsession with healthy eating and an intense belief that disease will occur from "unhealthy" foods.

 In the case of orthorexia, people are extremely afraid that certain foods will adversely affect their health. They spend most of their day thinking about food. They often feel nervous and restless about eating out. They question content in an overly obsessive manner on subjects such as preparing food and shopping for the kitchen. They exhibit avoidance behavior in situations where they cannot eat healthy. (family meetings, friends gatherings, etc.)

 In short, all the attention and energy focused on the field of health leads to deterioration in other areas of one's life. While striving for health, a person pulls himself into a circle surrounded by unhealthy and unhappiness. Increasingly, they move away from living a happy, full, meaningful and healthy life.

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