Sleeve Gastrectomy Surgery
Op. Dr. Erkan Aksoy

The reason why laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy (tube stomach) surgery has been accepted as an alternative treatment for obesity surgery in recent years; As it can be done quickly and causes less injury to the patient, the patients lose weight well and the side effects of obesity get better faster. In addition, it is an important advantage that more advanced second-stage surgery can be easily performed if necessary.

After this surgery, it was determined that the patients lost 54% to 81% of their excess weight in about 12 months, and at the same time, other diseases related to obesity were improved.

How is Tube Stomach Surgery Performed?

Sleeve gastrectomy is also called “longitudinal gastrectomy” or “tube stomach”. A gastric tube with a volume of 60 to 120 ml is created by cutting out the large edge of the stomach.

How Does Weight Loss Occur in Tube Stomach Surgery?

In Tube Stomach Surgery, weight loss occurs with 2 mechanisms:

  • Reduction in the amount of food that can be taken as a result of the reduction of stomach volume with the reduction of stomach volume
  • Since the stomach part, where the hormone known as ghrelin is secreted and which causes the feeling of hunger, is removed, the feeling of hunger will decrease in the patients and weight loss occurs.

Ghrelin is a hormone produced by some cells in the upper part of the stomach called the fundus and causes an increase in appetite. Each gram of the gastric fundus contains 10-20 times more ghrelin than the duodenum. In Gastric Sleeve Surgery, since the fundus region of the stomach where ghrelin is produced is removed, appetite decreases and weight loss occurs.

What Happens as a Result of Tube Stomach Surgery?

Gastric sleeve gastrectomy is an important obesity surgery that is effective in a short time. In six months, 35-70% of total excess weight is lost, and in 12 months, 33-81% of excess weight is lost. It has been shown that the excess weight lost in three years is close to the weight lost after “Gastric By-Pass Surgery”.

Is Weight Gained After Tube Stomach Surgery?

If the gastric tube expands over time after sleeve gastrectomy, weight gain may occur again. It has been understood why this situation occurs due to the differences in surgical techniques.


  • Using too wide spark plugs.
  • Insufficient removal of the posterior stomach wall.
  • Excessive pressure on the gastric tube due to large bites.
  • Repeated vomiting.
  • Obstruction in the stomach outlet or intestine.

What to Do If Weight Gains After Tube Stomach Surgery?

  • Removal of the excess of the enlarged stomach by re-laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy.
  • Gastric by-pass surgery can be performed.
  • Laparoscopic duodenal switch surgery can be performed.

Nutrition After Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Gastric sleeve surgery is the removal of 3/2 of the stomach to narrow the stomach volume. Your remaining stomach volume is 90-100 ml (1 tea glass), and your reconstructed stomach is roughly in the form of a tube.That's why this surgery is called sleeve gastrectomy. This surgery mainly reduces your stomach volume, thus providing a feeling of satiety with small portions. In addition, it is an effective surgery on appetite control as it also stops the activation of the ghrelin hormone secreted from the removed part of the stomach.Success after sleeve gastrectomy is directly related to how well you follow the recommended nutrition plan. Changing your eating habits will allow you to lose weight successfully and healthily, as well as allow your body to repair itself and heal without any problems.The special nutrition plan, which will be applied for about six weeks after the surgery, covers the period until the person's digestive activation, tolerance, and the functions of the stomach and intestinal system return to normal.In this process, being under the control of a dietitian and being in constant communication will allow you to complete the process more effortlessly. In sleeve gastrectomy surgeries, the nutrition plan is completed with liquid, puree, soft solid and optimal nutrition, respectively.

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