Features of Binge Eating

“I take any random food I can and pop it into my mouth, sometimes I don't even chew it. But as my stomach starts to hurt and my body temperature rises, I start to feel guilty and scared. I only stop eating when I feel really sick.”


 The first moments of binge eating can be enjoyable. The taste and texture of food may seem intensely pleasurable. But these feelings rarely last long and soon give way to feelings of regret as they eat. Some individuals feel disgust at what they do, but continue to eat.


 In general, people eat fast during binge eating. Most people fill their mouths with food almost without chewing and mechanically. Some also consume copious amounts of drink to swallow their food, which contributes to feeling full and bloated. Consuming large amounts of beverages can also cause people to vomit afterward.


 Some people walk back and forth or walk around during attacks. They can display an air of desperation. They may feel that their craving for food is a powerful force pushing them to eat. Obtaining food can become extremely important. In extreme cases, people may buy food belonging to others, steal from shops, or eat discarded food. Many view such behavior as embarrassing, disgusting, and humiliating.


 People often report feeling like they are in a trance state during binge eating. If you've ever experienced this trance-like state, you know that your behavior seems almost automatic, as if you weren't really the one eating it.


 A distinctive feature of a typical binge eating episode is that it is hidden. Some people are so ashamed of their binge eating that they do their best to hide it and may be successful for many years to come. One way to achieve this is to eat relatively normally when with other people. Another way is to resort to considerable deception. For example; After eating a normal meal, some people secretly return afterwards to eat all the leftovers. They take food to their bedrooms or bathrooms out of fear that others will notice.


 The experience of losing control is one of the two main characteristics of binge eating. It is the main feature that separates binge eating from daily overeating. This experience varies greatly between individuals. Some feel it before they start eating. For others, this feeling comes on gradually when they start eating, or it can come on suddenly when they realize they've eaten too much. In addition, most of these people state that they cannot stop once they start eating.

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